3D Printing, Six Months Later

Sometime in the middle of this year, I decided I need a New Hobby™, and then I ordered a 3D printer ....

I did about everything wrong that one could do: Ordered a DIY kit and spent several hours almost every night over a timeframe of two weeks trying to build it — mostly because the kit was ... only semi-well documented and I did not have a proper workshop or tools to build it efficiently ....

Here's an (incomplete) list of the things I changed from the original kit:

Currently, the printer is not printing well, because of trouble with the extruder and/or mechanics. I do not know what's wrong so I currently don't know how to fix it.

But that's OK, it probably is like Gibb's Boat; something to keep me busy, and not just distracted ... at least I do not need to tear down a wall when I want to move it.

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